Trendy Eats: Gyukatsu in Shinjuku

Jennifer Kihara

From tonkatsu to chicken katsu to GYU-KATSU?!


We all know chicken katsu is really popular in Hawaii, and that it was originally tonkatsu which is made with pork but here in Tokyo they’re doing this whole new thang (which I’m surprised is only recently trendy ) GYUKATSU! Which is beef katsu! Oh my gosh. It is heaven in your mouth.


After walking around Shinjuku for a few hours, snacking here and there (kaiten sushi for less than 500 yen and a crepe for 300 yen) we decided to swing by the line for a gyukatsu place. The line had dwindled down enough to hop in and wait for our turn to try the ever so trendy and delicious gyukatsu. People in front of us kept leaving because I guess they just couldn't handle the wait but after they left, our wait time got shorter, so thanks impatient people! I want to say we waited for maybe a little less than half an hour and ordered while we were in line so got our food almost immediately after sitting down. Every seat had a little fire burning hot plate to cook your gyukatsu to your liking because it comes out pretty raw but its amazingly tender.


It was almost like eating Kobe steak because it was so fatty and melt-in-your-mouth-y. It also came with a side of miso soup, rice, cabbage, potato salad and two dipping sauces. I’m salivating just thinking about it. The whole meal came out to 1200 yen exactly, SO CHEAP! Gyukatsu is a must try when visiting Tokyo!

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