B is for Bags and Beanies

Jennifer Kihara

Beanie Bumps

It’s getting chilly here in Tokyo, which calls for outerwear with some function. I’m talking about the cute knee high boots, the chic pea coats and the unavoidable beanie to keep your head warm and cozy. Now when I say unavoidable I’m talking about how this season, it is unavoidable to see someone wearing a beanie with a little something “extra” on top. Now, when I say “extra” I mean extra SPACE. The style right now is to leave so much extra space at the top of the beanie that you unavoidably and extraterrestrial-ly look like you have a squid on your head. I’m making it sound hideous when it’s actually cute on some girls but when I see it on every single young girl wearing a beanie, it makes me think like, "who is selling these extra tall beanies? Should I get one? Is it a Japanese hipster thing to do? Am I a hipster? What’s so hip about a beanie that's shaped like a peanut?". MAYBE this is because I’ve spent mostly all of my winters in Hawaii that I haven’t seen this trend, and MAYBE this beanie bump is actually normal, but for me it’s new. I’ve always rocked the beanie that acts more like a beret but if I want to fit in, maybe I should consider an extra long beanie to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe the extra space generates heat and actually keeps your head warmer than a regular fitting beanie. Sure, we'll go with that.



(the mannequin heads are at H&M, so I guess I know where to get one now)



I have noticed that many men carry purses. Sure, there are the men that carry messenger bags and backpacks, but there is a surprisingly high number of males that carry around actual women's purses (can we call them murses?). It’s not that I have a problem with it, purses are extremely useful. They hold your wallet, phone, make-up, umbrella, trash, keys, and everything else a city goer may need. But it poses the question of gender identity. I’m sure that we all know that Japan’s gender culture is much different from America's. I mean look at Joey, he couldn’t carry around or even remotely like his man purse without Chandler and Ross giving him grief about it.

But just how different is it? What things are considered masculine in Japan and what does masculinity even mean? It's good to ask ourselves these questions once in a while. There is so much to discover and so many unanswered questions that I must answer!

Some proof:


(granted, the one above is camo)

How do you feel about the murse?


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