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Golden Week 2016: What is it and Why?

Jennifer Kihara

Golden Week. A week when the streets are littered with gold coins, champagne raindrops drizzle from the sky, and all adulting stops (that one can be partly true). Of course, we are kidding. However, depending on where you spend your Golden Week, it could resemble the above imagery to some extent, it’s all about perspective people. All joking aside, Golden week is basically a long holiday in Japan. According to, more specifically, Golden Week consists of four different national holidays that happen to fall within seven days of each other.   April 29th (Showa Day/Showa no hi) is the day the...

Tokyo Trends: Wide Leg Cropped Pant and Anello Backpack

Jennifer Kihara

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New? Fashion Trend Alert: Wide Leg Cropped Pants + Military Green Bomber and the Anello Unisex Handle BackpackFashion. Though we love jeans and sneakers, we can definitely appreciate one’s own artistic expression through their choice of clothing. It was quite a change of scenery after moving to Tokyo from Hawaii, to say the least. You get to see fashion expressed in different ways by so many radiant individuals who just want to stand out in this somewhat homogenous society. Versus in Hawaii, where the weather usually allows only so much variation in clothing. The trend we've noticed the most among...

Sakura, Sakura, Yayoi no Sora wa~, Everybody Together Now!

Spring has sprung!Spring showers bring May flowersAm I missing any? With the arrival of spring, comes an annual event dating back thousands of years in Japan called “hanami”. The kanji literally meaning “flower viewing” but more commonly used for cherry blossom viewing.   My wonderful sharehouse held a cherry blossom or “hanami” viewing party on April 2nd, which was supposed to be the peak weekend for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms bloom for a very short time of only 1-2 weeks depending on the area.Usually, weekends are packed with other hanami viewers so reserving a spot the night...

Harajuku House Slytherin

Jennifer Kihara

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Disclaimer: This first paragraph is a tribute to Alan Rickman. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to avoid cheese and sap, and other edible adjectives that describe my lengthy attempt to pay tribute to a man I never knew personally but felt like I did. Because he was JUST THAT GOOD. I would take a giant leap and say that the majority of people growing up in my generation, would have been House Gryffindor. I mean, I always thought I wanted to be in Gryffindor, just because it's the bandwagoner thing to do and the Gryffindor motto appeals to the generation of dreamers. Even...

Trendy Eats: Gyukatsu in Shinjuku

Jennifer Kihara

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From tonkatsu to chicken katsu to GYU-KATSU?!   We all know chicken katsu is really popular in Hawaii, and that it was originally tonkatsu which is made with pork but here in Tokyo they’re doing this whole new thang (which I’m surprised is only recently trendy ) GYUKATSU! Which is beef katsu! Oh my gosh. It is heaven in your mouth.   After walking around Shinjuku for a few hours, snacking here and there (kaiten sushi for less than 500 yen and a crepe for 300 yen) we decided to swing by the line for a gyukatsu place. The line had...